Satellite Receiver to Bose Connection

It’s simple to connect satellite receiver Sky Net or G Sat box to your Bose system.

If you are using latest Bose modles with HDMI connection:

First you have to connect your Bose HDMI Out to one of your TV’s HDMI Input

Second connect DishHD box to one of Bose’s HDMI Input. After that select the correct channel of your Bose, the TV will be only a video display in this case, there’s no sound coming from TV, the sounds are from your Bose speaker systems.

Remember we have 5 channels with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound tracks? Now it’s your Bose’s show time.

If you are using simpler tyep like CINEMATE sound bar. There’s no HDMI input, you have to choose to use DishHD box’s Y/Pb/Pr output for video and SPDIF for digital audio as outputs to be connected to Bose.
Check DishHD 211T connections here:

The basic connection is like this:


“Cable/Satellite” refers to DishHD box, “Digital Audio” refers to a Optical digital cable connection. The difference of Analog audio, Optical Digital and Coaxial digital is like this:

In this case, we use Optical Digital Audio wire to connect DishHD box to Bose. Please note that this Optical Digital Audio wire is not included in our standard package, you have to buy one of your own.

To know more about connection of other type of Bose, check:
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