Russian Satellite TV In Shanghai-Continued

Sunday afternoon I decided to go to the customer’s place on my bike. I want to take this 20km round trip as a Sunday excises so I packed necessary tools in my back pack and made it. It reminds me days of the earlier years.

Recently I have been staying in office most of the working time, sorting out routine data and communication works, while assigning on site installation works to technicians, after years of training they know how to do things properly. The principle is simple:

1. survey the site and think over the whole installation till the end.
2. think again for long term usage.
3. correct tools, correct method, correct procedure.

Let me get back to the Russian TV thing. I do it only because of my curiosity. I have never been installing a Russian system before even though I know there’s a 75.0E ABS 1 satellite carring some free-to-air Russian channels.

Here are some photos I asked before I go:

The dish is 0.90m in diameter, facing basically West. The critical thing is that I notice the box is a copy DM500 pirated version, connected to Internet. When I was there I found two different dishes installed on balcony, one for ABS 1 and the other is 113E Dream, through a multiple switch, two LNB in while one LNB signal out directly to DM500 box. There are around 30 different satellite information pre-programed into the box, 113 and 75 are just two of them. The Dream copy has not been working at all, so we decided to take down the 113 dish since it is blocking some of the ABS1 signal. The smaller dish is mounted on the bar by lag screws, a scary thing to me. It is amazing that the latest typhoon didn’t blow it away, truly incredible.

Anyway, it has to be removed. Multiple LNB switch was removed since it’s no longer in use. After 30 minutes of dish work, cable properly attached and connectors replaced, we have a 10% signal quality increase.

Most of the ABS1 transponders are pre-programed into the copy box, while the strange thing is that when I input some new transponder information and search, there was nothing found.

12704 V & 12732 V for example, we can not find the best Russian channel TNT at all. Some encrypted channels are working though there’s a delay each time we switch channels. When I disconnect Internet from router, they won’t work so I’m sure it’s a Internet piracy.

The customer is moving in a mouth, I have to help him to install the ABS satellite dish again in new place. Hopefully there’s a more ideal installation condition. I promise I will bring another FTA open box to test if we can pick up  12704 V & 12732 V transponders free to air channels, especially TNT!

A good learning experiences. This is probably one of the most interesting challenge of being a dish installer, you have to be creative when it turns to the installation conditions, every case is different. When I fix some problem, I’d like to see the excitement of people, it could be very important to their live routines here in Shanghai.


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