Russian TV In Shanghai

There’s a satellite called ABS 1 at 75.0°E, from it’s Ku-band we can get some free Russian TV channels. Here in Shanghai, a 0.90m dish antenna is ok to receive the signal. Azimuth & elevation in Shanghai, China: 243.9° & 28.6°

The dish is going to face almost West in Shanghai. The free channels we can get here are:

3559 V 28800
C Series

3639 V 29000
GCN Korea

3679 V 29000
Motorvision TV

3829 H 11111
Pinoy Extreme Philippines

3887 V 7495
TBN Asia
The Church Channel
Smile of a Child TV (10.30-22.30)
JCTV USA (22.30-10.30)

12548 V 22000
Fashion TV Russia

12579 V 22000
A-One Hip-Hop Music Channel
Domashniy Magazin
TV Sale

12579 H 22000
TBN Asia
Smile of a Child TV
The Church Channel
Apostolic Oneness
Al Hayat
God’s Learning Channel
SonLife Broadcasting Network
MTA International

12610 V 22000
RT English

12640 V 22000
STS (+7h)
Peretz (0h)
NTV (0h)
MTV Russia (+2h)

12670 V 22000
Telekanal 2×2 (0h)

12690 V 4650
TV Safina
TV Bakhoristan

12704 V 18050
Re Music
Europa Plus TV
TNT (+2h)

12732 V 22000
TNV Planeta

It’s amazing that with a 0.90m dish and a FTA receiver, we can receive so many Russian TV channels far away from the country, which is a good news to Russian people.

Installing a 90cm dish on balcony facing West is a little bit scary. If we have options, we’d better to mouth the big dish on a solid flat ground, properly mounted with supporting arms.

In this case, today the customers said there was no signal since typhoon. I saw the dish photo, truly a difficult job. Next week we will go check to find if there’s anything we can do about the dish.

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