Satellite Dish TV Box (with DVR)

Subscribers are asking about DVR function for quite a while and it’s not a easy decision to make between 211t box and 612t box with a DVR built in.

There are extra hard drive recorder with different size of hard disk, brands of Sony, Sumsung and Philips, were available through BestBuy before it was gone. Now you can also find local brand hard disk HD TV player box connected to a extra hard disk storage up to 2T.

To give you a better understanding of storage space, you can think about a photo taken through your iPhone, the size of that photo is around 2M.

1T = 1,000G
1G = 1,000M

612t DishHD box has a hard disk of 500GB. A movie with picture resolution of 1080i takes around 10G so you can save around 40 movies in your 612t box.  This space is basically big enough because in most of the cases you probably record a live program like a sports event they can not catch, in mid night, when you are working.  One customer tested the 612t box and told me he recorded utmost of around 100 hours, can not record more, you have to delete some programs to save extra space.

You won’t store the program for ever, maybe just delete it after watching. If you are really serious about the show, you can export it to an extra hard drive.

The benefit of a built in hard disk is easy of operation. You do not have to handle two device for each recording. However, you can connect a outside hard disk to 211t box as well, set up a recording time, keep box 211t box and hard disk recorder on, the program will be recorded according to your previous set up.

211t: You watch channel A and the box is recording channel A only. When you switch channels, the recording will be disrupted and it stops.

612t: You can watch channel A while recording channel B. When you switch to channel B, the recording won’t be disrupted. Same principle, you can switch to channel C when the box is recording channel B. Because there are two turners built in the box, you see there are two signal cable connected to the back of 612t box.

You can record simultaneously channel A and B, but when you switch to channel C from A, recording of A will be stopped.  So you understand it now, at the same time, only two channels working, either being recorded, or being watched.

In 612t box menu, you can not find how much space left, there’s only a time recorded and time available, there’s no disk space usage chart, you can only generally guess how much left, and if it’s big enough to record your next program. For sake of safe, always leave around 40 hours left which means half of the disk empty.


211t + Hard disk: If you only record program occasionally, you can connect a outside hard drive disk to 211t box to the back USB port. Please not that all 211t box are activated of DVR function ever since the subscription started. The hard disk will be automatically formated, please remember to use a disk without storage. The box interface will remind you about the disk formating, it takes a few minutes.

Go to EPG, find your favorite future program, then it’s easy to set up the recording. There are recording setting. Replay the recorded program you simple press the ‘DVR‘ button then you find the list of programs you have recorded. Picture quality is exactly the same as original, you don’t notice that you are not watching a live show at all.

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