Setanta Channel problems

A few weeks ago I noticed a problem with the Setanta channel feed – the picture kept freezing and stuttering while the sound did not. The problem is still there and it makes watching very unenjoyable.

Please can you so something to solve this problem as this is the main reason I purchased your package.

i have had your system for 4 months no problems but yesterday  Setanta sports started freezing every 10-15 seconds , and still the same  today not possible to watch , can you please fix this problem i have no problems with any other channels.

Setanta channel ( Extreme Sports ) is on transponder 9. Other channels on the same transponder are:

NHL Network USA, Sky News HD, Fox News ChannelSundance Channel AsiaStar Movies HD TaiwanFox Family Movies HDI-concertsGolf Channel Asia

11881 R

tp 9
8PSK Turbo
SR 275000
FEC 2/3

If the other channels have no problem, it means technically that there’s nothing wrong from this satellite transponder.

It could be a Setanta channel rebroadcasting failure. The Setanta is transfered from the US via a series of satellite relays until the channel content is uploaded to AsiaSat4 for Asia broadcasting. It could something wrong in any relay parts. I have forwarded the messages to Setanta channel, how they can fingure out which parts goes wrong soon.


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