Shenzhen Satellite Dish Installation

Recently we constantly have email enquirers from other cities like Shenzhen of Guangdong province, for the G Sat high definition TV system.

Since year 2010 when Dream Satellite TV migrated it’s satellite from Agila 2 of 146E to KoreaSat5 of 113E, Guangdong lost signal reception from Dream TV. All people who want English TV have to turn to copy version of CBTV, the internet connected copy boxes, most commonly as DreamMultiMedia box, in short, DM boxes. However, you can not expect a pirated satellite TV to work stable, not to say everything connected to Internet are easily blocked in China.

When people begin to know gradually that there’s another system available in the region, they want to see how it works. Now the problem is the lack of experienced professional dish installers for DishHD in Shenzhen.

Last week I sent a 211t box to one customer. I have to give him good discount because we do not need to install the dish for him. We simply test the box, activate the subscription and send it over by courier S.F.Express. The customer said he think he’s able to set up the dish correctly. He didn’t ask me much question so I assumed he has the necessary experience and knowledge.

I asked a few questions about where he’s going to install the dish. After knowing  he’s apartment has a balcony with guard railing, I put the special dish arm stand bracket and different type of screws into the shipment package. He has no problem assembling the dish set and mount it strongly onto the railing, but failed to locate the satellite of 122E.

He called me and it turned out that he thought as long as the dish is facing South, there will be some signal, then he could fine tune it. This is a totally wrong assumption for an outsider of satellite TV reception.

I talk him over the phone, teach him to move his TV close to the balcony as a display, after that correctly set up the Dish Point interface, and asked him to slowly tune the dish to face South, up and down a bit, or left and right until he see the signal quality indicator and hear the beep sound.

After an hour or so he called and said he finally made it. A very handy man indeed. There’s only around one out of ten who believed that they are OK actually made it in the end, over the years.

The Australian customer bought a Ku band dish in the local electronic market, I sent him all the screws and connectors together with receiver box, also some photos by email of a correctly installed G Sat antenna. Actually some extra will hire a dish guy to do the job. Probably a hammer drill is needed if there’s no metal guard railing to mouth the dish with screws.

Anyway, when the next Shenzhen customer talk to me, I will recommend a local dish guy to handle the dish installation work. The guy charges around 400 for the work, including the dish set, a fair price, it saves most of the dish installation troubles.  Once dish is correctly and strongly set up, everything else could be handled remotely via satellite signal, email correspondences and telephone communication.

Shenzhen customer finally got decent English TV access via G Sat,  and channels come in high definition format, much better watching experience than the pirated CBTV system.

Price for Shenzhen subscribers:
RMB4,400 for a 211t box with one year, and shipment included.
RMB400 extra for a recommended local dish installer to help you set up the dish antenna correctly for G Sat box.

RMB4,400 bank transfer to our Shanghai account. We have business bank account available, value added invoice available too.
RMB400 paid on site of dish installation. The contacts will be sent by email after payment.

Enjoy G Sat quality, Shenzhen subscribers!

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