Smart Card ID and Receiver CA ID

There are three critical number you have to write down for a DishHD subscription, they are your DishHD Subscription Account Information. The numbers are:

1. Receiver CA ID
2. Smart Card ID

On your remote control, there’s a Menu button. If your remote is in Chinese, it’s the button on the left top under SAT, Menu, System Setup, Point Dish, System Information. The numbers are, for example R01 0056 2771-xx & S13 1008 1424 xx

I suggest you to save a message in your cell phone of the three numbers so you can easily forward it to us if needed, hopefully not necessary until next year you renew the subscription.

Main Menu:

System Setup:


select “System Information”

Inside System Information:

The information we need is Smart Card ID and Receiver CA ID.


please do not copy the number you see on the above photo, it is only a sample.

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