Sports channels on DishHD

Currently we have 5 sports channels on DishHD, all in high definition, they are: NBA, ASG, Golf, NHL, Extreme Sports.

The Extreme channel is a newly added channel.

NBA is an American sports channel dedicated to basketball. The network is financially backed by the National Basketball Association (NBA). In US, you find it on DirecTV Channel 216 (SD/HD), Dish Network Channel 156 (SD/HD) & Channel 9508 (HD) and Xfinity Channel 478(HD) 734 749. In Asia, it’s available only on DishHD (Taiwan) Channel 6350 (HD).


GOLF channel



If you want to watch more European sports like soccer, you have to subscriber to ESPN or StarSports.

On ESPN you will find:
Cricket: Asia Cup, Nokia CL T20, Tri-Series, International Cricket, Score Tractor; Football:Barclay Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, FA Cup, Champions League, Europa League, Euro 2012, League Cup, Asian Football, S League, AFC Champions League, Tiger Street Football, UEFA Champions League; Motorsports:Formula One, Motor GP, Formula Drift Asia, Engine Block; Tennis: ATP Tour, WTA Tour; Golf: PGA Tour, European Tour, LPGA Tour, and some limited US Sports staff.

On StarSports you will find the official Asian station of the English Premier League. Other content are inter mixed with ESPN since they are all owned by STAR TV, In partnership with ESPN, its corporate name is ESPN STAR Sports so I regard them as one channel with two different broadcasting schedules.

These 7 channels basically represents all international and US sports content you can get in China. There’s no other satellite in the region bring us more other sports channels.

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