Subscription Renewal Payement Option

One week ago I renewed one DishHD subscription without the customer actually paid. I know here and she said she’s in the US and her husband wants to continue watching his sports so she asked me to extend it first and when she comes back from US, we can go there pick up the cash payment.

I renewed the subscription according to the record number one day before the expiration date, it was one week ago.

This morning the lady called and told me she was extremely upset because when she turn on the TV ‘there’s nothing”, I’m usually afraid hearing “there’s nothing”. It means firstly that the customer is not happy, secondly I sense that he/she does not know how to operate the box properly, the only thing they do is to complain, they never read the manul book, or check the guide to learn the basic practices.

Anyway, back to the case. The lady said there was nothing.  I know that the unit probably needs an activation to resume working. It happens in the renewal time. I suggest people to renew the unit at least one week before the expiration date to avoid any unit reactivation problem.

So I requested activation again and today when our technician comes to her apartment for the cash payment. She raised another issue, which could be a reason that she said she could not pay. The thing is that she said she can not watch ESPN now! She said she watches it last year!!

The truch is that ESPN was not there last year. I learned a lesson that I have to make a clear record of which channel added and when, which ones were gone and when, as a proof that last year she did NOT watch ESPN at all. While currently the ESPN is not called ESPN at all, it’s Fox Sports.

I trusted the customer and I understand in some cases people could not pay immidiately when they have to renew the unit. While from now on, this will not be our concern after all, we can always reload the unit in 20 minutes and make working, so we do on site reloading, instead of activation before people pay.  The risk is too high for us, there are people not planing clearly so we have to to careful, sorry.

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