Switch from Dream to G Sat

This morning I went to a villa house to set up a G Sat box for a customer who wants to switch his Dream to G Sat system.

After checking what he have and what he really want I suggest him to keep Dream for sports channels of ESPN and StarSports, so we have access to European soccer and other featured programming on the two channels. Meanwhile BBC is a must. The solution is to better keep the current dish antenna and Dream box for the three channels: BBC, ESPN, StarSports.

In the mean time we have to install a new same size dish for the receiver box. I checked the current Dream 113E dish outside of his garden. The LBN cover was broken, covered now by a plastic bag to prove water from coming in. The screws are rusted, cable hanging around, connector is not a good quality one and I found the copper lead of RG6 cable is turning dark, which means it’s getting rusted slowly, the signal won’t be through in a few months after being exposed in air, considering Shanghai’s humidity and raining.

The original dish installation:
I decide to remove the dish from where it was, take it down, clean it thoroughly and replace all the screws, put on a new LNB, and cut the cable rusted parts, connect the head to a good quality bigger F head connector,  secure the cable well with nylon ligature. After all these works I have a peace of mind that I won’t get a call from the customer for signal problems, though it was not bought from us. I never charge extra for replacement works and I always told customer what I have done and gave them a one year warranty alone with new system bought from us.

For the new 122 dish, right above the 113 dish, I installed it over 113, and make sure there’s no overlapping on the 113 LNB so there’s no signal lost.  The two dishes look like pointing the same direction. Some people asked if we can use one dish to receive both 113 and 122. The answer is No.  The problem is that the angle of elevations are different. 122 needs a high elevation, which makes it practically easier to get across high buildings in front of it than Dream’s 113 dish. This is also a advantage of 122 over 113 in such building complexities of Shanghai concrete forest. We do have cases where there’s a building in front of customer balcony, where 113 is not possible, but 122 is possible since 122 needs a higher evelation than 113.

By the way, a proper RG6 cable looks like as left.  The poor quality connector is not exactly water proof. Over a few years, even a few months, water leak in then the lead and metal cover will get rusted, signal won’t be transmitting through rusted metal parts. Whenever I have a chance, I always replace the connectors and screws so I know I won’t be doing dish repair works in the future. Whenever I go, it must be a new customer welcoming me, not a frustrated expression waiting for my trouble shooting.

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