Switch To 622T New Box


New Satellite service starts from December 22, 2015, 12AM. Old boxes 612T, 211T, 211T+ won’t be able to receive signal.

Cost: RMB750, S.F.Express Shipment Included.
Payment: Bank Transfer, China Merchants Bank; Wechat Wallet
Delivery: S.F.Express
Contact: care@dishhdtvchina.com

Policy: Your current subscription expiration date will not change, one extra month of subscription will be added automatically to your account after the box switch.


1. send us email for replacement request, with your address, contact number in Chinese and your name for shipment
2. pay over bank transfer or Wechat Wallet
3. we confirm you the shipment date, and waybill number
4. before you get the new box, check the current box information, copy the numbers.
Smart Card ID and Receiver CA ID
5. once your receive and connect the new 622T, install it, check the new box numbers
622T New Box Activation
6. send us both pair of numbers: old and new, for subscription activation and switch, preferred by email, with screen photos.


1. should I call you to discuss?
we prefer email communication in this switch period, there are important information like box and smart card numbers, address and contacts, subscription info and so on.

2. how about I do not think ¥750 is fair? I do not want to pay.
sorry we can not help in this case. ¥750 is to cover basic operational costs in China for the box switch works. Your current subscription will be extended for one extra months anyway.

3. can you or your technicians come to install the new box?
not practical in these two or three weeks, we are in short of manpower. you can connect the box without a problem, follow the instruction come with the box, basically it’s just connect the signal cable to the new box’s LNB In, or signal input port.

4. why it has to be upgraded?
it’s for the future 4k video quality upgrade, it is supposed to offer your higher definition…

5. do i need to return the old box?
No. thanks, we do not need you to send it back. It won’t work anymore.

6. how soon can I receive the new box?
It will be about 2-8 days after payment; we use S.F.Express. We keep you updated by email only, please do not keep calling to chase it. Currently it’s first pay first serve, if you can not accept the delivery time, please do not book and pay.

7. Why it’s not free?
In Taiwan it’s free, not here.

8. I’m angry, not happy, I want my subscription money back!
sorry, we do not refund subscription money because of the satellite TV company technical upgrading. This is not a stop of service.

9. Can the cost of ¥750 to be deducted from my subscription?
No, you have to pay now to book an switch order. First pay first delivery.

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