I have a dish already, I want to switch to G Sat

One customer called from Chongqing today. He told me he had a dish antenna already installed a few years ago, over the years he has been using Dream, and after 2010 when it migrated satellite, he lost signal then his installer tuned the dish to the copy version of 134E, no question about it, the copy box makes him frustrated now and then.

His question is if it is possible to use the current dish to watch G Sat channels. A large percentage of people think using the current dish is goign to save them a lot of money. Unfortunately this is not the case. The Ku band dish and LNB is an universal product to receive many satellite broadcasting services globally. Some dishes have to be bigger, while others smaller, depending on your location’s satellite signal strength from a particular satellite.

I told him it’s going to save him RMB400. I can tell that he is a little bit disappointed. I explained why it doesn’t save much because the major cost is the subscription to the channel package of DishHD, the TV content is valuable. There are around 60 latest US and international TV channels, DishHD subscriber in Asia even receive more channels than people living in Australia and New Zealand, in terms of English TV.

I offered RMB4,400 for a new 211t box, one year subscription, and shipment to his address. A special BSS polarization LNBF is included, as well as some good quality dish installation screws and accessories, I always send them along with boxes, to make sure that local dish installers are doing better jobs.

However, I have to ask about how he’s going to align the dish again to 122E AsiaSat4. He probably has to ask the local dish guy to do the work, it’s going to cost him a little extra, I heard people spent 200-500 for that, depending on where you are and which guy you are dealing with. In total you basically pay the same price as a Shanghai or Beijing subscriber, the difference is that I have never seen a decent dish guy who is able to do professional neat installation as us, judged from the comments and photos customer sent to us over the years.

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