612t DVR DishHD Box

Beside the 612t Features listed on website, there some more existing new things you should know. 612t box can record up to 125 hours of entertainment; You can expand storage capacity with an addition external hard drive (EHD): to upgrade from 500GB up to 2TB. External DVR enabled: Connect a USB 2.0 hard disk drive (HDD) to add additional storage

211t DishHD Box

  DishHD’s 211t high-definition set-top-box. Best high-definition image quality; Electronic Programming Guide; Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound; simple one-wire HDMI connection. Rear Panel: 1 Satellite Tuner Input 1 set of Component (Y Pr Pb) video outputs 1 set of RCA type audio/video outputs 1 SPDIF 1 HDMI output 1 USB input 1 Ethernet port Video