Things To Know Before You Buy Satellite TV In China

This morning we have a customer called a couple of times asking for different questions. Most of them are understandable regular concerns.

Some others are particularly sensitive.

1. How do I know you legitimately represent DishHD?
We put contact information of EchoStar, the company who offers DishHD in Taiwan. We also have link to G Sat website at the footer of our website.

2.What if there are some thing wrong? Who do I call?
When things go wrong, we have to understand what’s exactly the problem is. Satellite TV system is not that complicated but it IS a high-tech thing. My experiences over the last 10 years is that most of the problems can be avoid by good dish antenna installation, proper cabling and a good previous educations, which means that customer have to know some basic technical things to handle the system properly.

We have to tried best in each case to make the dish installations meeting the standard, stable and reliable. We put necessary helping documents online:
Supports, User’s Guide, FAQ, Documents and many other questions answered here on this blog.

We try to be online 24/7 to timely delivery supports. I suggest you to add our IM to your account for instant assistants.

MSN / Skype:
Yahoo Messenger:

Yes, sure you can call when it’s urgent. One year quality warranty is included, on site works, if necessary, are free. Next year after you renew via as, price is RMB3,350 for a year, you also get a extended free onsite and  support.

3. Is there a way to turn off Chinese subtitle?
Sorry, no. This system was designed to Taiwan market, most Chinese people need subtitle, though we do have requests to get rid of it from Chinese subscribers. Most expatriates hate the subtitle thing. I’m sorry there’s nothing we can do about the Chinese subtitle so for. Here I put a little banner stand at the bottom of TV screen to block it when I’m watching DishHD channels.

4. Why some channels are in Chinese language?
Before you buy DishHD, please make sure you check each and every channel carefully on this TV Channel list. There are some channels coming as bilingual, English and Chinese.

4. Can I switch languages? French? German? Spanish? Beside English and Chinese?
I’m sorry, No. This is not D9 DVD disk yet.

5. Do you have Manual book?
No, we do not offer printed hard copies. We have PDF versions online

6. How do I pay? Can I pay later? Do you accept credit card?
Usually the payment term is cash upon installation. If you prefer to transfer the money, please do it in one week after the installation, the sooner the better of course.

Pay later? Sorry No. If you decide to pay 50% deposit on site and balance to be paid monthly. We have to increase the total price a 10%. I appreciate your understand considering the current serious inflation.

Credit card? Sorry not yet. Probably later on.

Cash upon installation is preferred.  If you want to transfer within one week, please make sure you are able to transfer money to a company bank account, not a personally account. If you have online banking, it’s easy. If you do to bank branches, you have to do it in counter, not through ATM.

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