Toonami Channel Removed

Toonami (CH#6560) is NOT available starting from Sept 26, 2013. I’m sorry to post this bad news:(

Currently in the Kids channels there are BabyTV SD, Nickelodeon SD and Chinese versions of Yoyo and Disney Junior.

Toonami was Cartoon Network‘s primary action-animation block. It’s like a AXN for kids, all the actions, I watched the channel, beside History on Dream. It was one of the best channel I preferred. Hope it comes back soon.

Many features programs are great! We hope it comes back soon.

Teen Titans, Super Hero Squad, Deltora Quest, Mix Master Final Force, Ben 10, Ben 10 Alien Force, Hot Wheels:Battle Force 5
Justice League Unlimited, Max Steel, Iron Man Armored Adventures
Ben 10 Ultimate Alien, Sym-Bionic Titan, Batman:The Brave And The Bold, Young Justice

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