Travel Channel HD

Travel Channel HD
Inspirational, informative and entertaining, Travel Channel presents a uniquely panoramic and objective perspective on the travel experience. Our programs transport viewers to every corner of the globe, on exclusive, luxury getaways, culinary quests, eco-friendly holidays and backpacking adventures.

Top Travel
Jeannie de Gouveia and Janez Vermeiren are best friends who choose to test their friendship by travelling around the world in the height of luxury. Sounds tough! Setting out from their home in Cape Town, they embark on what must be everyone’s dream trip of a lifetime. Taking in Alaska, Easter Island, The Amazon, Sydney, etc. What’s more it’s a route travelled by cruise ship, first class air travel and fabulous hotels.
Wild Camping
Jo Sinnott hits the road travelling from Ireland to Portugal on her Triumph Bonneville motorbike. Her challenge? To explore Europe but sleeping ‘wild’ all the way. From camping in the grounds of a remote school house in Ireland, to sleeping on the deck of a multi-million pound yacht in Monaco, Jo persuades the locals to let her pitch her tent or roll out her sleeping bag in some truly unusual and remote settings.

The Blue Continent
Camilla Andersen sets out to explore the Pacific Ocean, a body of water with a greater surface area than Earth’s total landmass. Never afraid to talk her way into people’s hearts and homes, Camilla also learns about the triumphs of the past, the problems of the present and hopes for the future of the people living across the region.




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