TV Packages: TaiEx, Premier & Combo

There are three different TV channel package to choose from before you decide to subscribe to DishHD Asia: TaiEx, Premier and Combo packages.

These three packages apply to both 211t and 612t boxes.

TaiEx Taiwan channel package of DishHD





Premier Channel Package of DishHD





Combo Channel package of DishHD





TaiEx is Taiwan channels only; Premier is English TV only; Combo is the combination of TaiEx and Premier.

Here in Shanghai we offer Premier TV channel package. Please note that when the TaiEx package is activated, all premier channels will also be available as a promotion, but only for one month! Some dealers use this leak hole to cheat people for easy money. For example you will be told that all channels included, but the dealer only pays you for the TaiEx package, at a very low cost. You check and find you get everything and pay the dealer, then after one month, you will only be able to watch the very limited Taiwan channels, not those English channels you really wanted to and paid for.

Please be careful, don’t be fascinated by the low prices. Decent things come with a cost which deserves & matches it.

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