Use DishPointer To Judge If It’s OK For DishHD

Constantly people will ask if their location is good to receive DishHD, where antenna should be mounted pointing to AsiaSat4 at 122.2E.

There are many tools to help you check it out first. You can even do it by yourself. Tools like for example.

There are APP in iStore as well, most of the free versions will do. I use a simple one called “Dish Align“. Search the same words you will find many of them, you don’t have to pay for it, many are free.

After installed, hold you iPad, open the APP, allow the device to detect your location, then input AsiaSat4, or 122.2E, you will know which direction the dish antenna is going to point to.

As long as there’s no building conner or extremely high building in this direction, it’s always ok to mount a small size dish like 0.55m in  diameter to pick up AsiaSat4 which is a very strong satellite recently launched with latest BSS broadcasting beam covering whole China.

I heard recently even in Philippines, out of the coverage map, we had one customer tried to install a huge 2.4m dish picking up good BSS signal, congratulations! I’m going to ask him send me some photos of his huge dish.

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