Video Format

Today a customer text me saying that he noted that the projection from the DishHD is larger than his TV screen, i.e. some of the sub titles etc cannot be seen. He wants to check how this can be fixed.

There’s a button called “Format” to format the picture to the desired width to match the program you are view. It’s the bottom button with a “star” note beside it.

To know more about basic practices for both 211t and 612t box, please spend some time on this Dish HD quick start guide. It’s a PDF file of 702kb. Download it and save it somewhere in case you need some quick help.

Here is the remote control diagram. Some of the remotes are in Chinese but the layout are exactly the same.

DishHD Remote ControllerMost of the buttons are not in use because this is a multiple functional remote. You can pair up your TV, DVD, DVR with this universal remote. Most people won’t do it ’cause it is too complicated to a regular subscriber. Remember the top left button is for DishHD box, it’s called “SAT”.


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