Work of the day

Two works for this morning. One done by our dish technician in Puxi, the other by myself to a customer living close to our office in Pudong.

Case One: 

Last night a lady who renewed subscription from us two years ago called and said her TV is not working for a month.

Through a couple of messages around 11pm, I finally learned that it could be a dish problem. I remember the dish installation: it was an old type of pure metal set, on building top, 3 floors down is her apartment. I removed the dish to another corner, behind the corner so it’s not that windy. The building management guys didn’t permit me to install another dish arm, so I had to use one old dish arm stand happen to be there, not perfect location but still much better than the original place. I did everything possible but before leaving I feel some thing wrong is going to happen in a few years.

The lady doesn’t want to pay for another new dish. She probably thinks that I’m talking to her to make more business from the case. In 20 minutes the renewal is done. I even put some steel wires around his Taiwan satellite dish right out of her window, it looks scary. The steel wire is for the worst case scenario.

Potential problem possibilities well explained and I left, didn’t feel right. For the last two years, she suffered more signal unstable than average, which cased a few times of unit reactivation. I wondered it was simply because of the not so ideal dish installation.

Finally, yesterday we found out that channels on the first two transponders got totally lost, channels on the 3rd transponder got picture jamming. I arranged a technician to go early this morning 9:00am, with a second hand good condition new type dish. I know the lady is not willing to pay for everything I said about dish.

New dish re installed, problem solved. The lady wanted one month subscription extended. I was willing to give her the second hand dish for free. Hearing that I have to reason with her.

1. The problem was caused by “her” old dish, which was installed again in a better place, not on an ideal place though as I have requested, and I have done that for free.

2. I learned the problem 11pm last day and work done next 9am, I believe it was fast and fair enough.

3. How could I possibly know that it was not working for a month? She said she send a message by May 14th. I reply each and every message. By May 14 the error message is for a remote reactivation. I assumed it was ok after 20 minutes without reply from the customer as I have insisted for the feedback.

4. We do new dish installation at RMB450. For a good condition second hand dish, RMB200 is fair, and I guarantee my installation for a year, future repair works for free if it is not caused by human damage.

One month extension to Dream is RMB250, I asked 200 for the dish, it means I have to pay extra 50 for the subscription extension? Why I have to do this? Fixing a regular problem which is not caused by our fault, and spend a whole morning working, while give away 50?

The lady just spent extra RMB200 today which she doesn’t have to by doing a fair deal with me.  I don’t mind if some day she checked this story.
Case Two:

One family in Regency park called 8:30am today, asking for a new remote for their Homecast receiver box. We do not have original Homecast remote anymore. The type of box is not offered by Dream for over a year.

We have a “learning” remote, which we can pair it up with the original remote, working the same, basically the same button layout and I have made an illustration for it. RMB100.

11:00am sharp I delivered it to the house. The little boy at home greeted me and I showed him how it works and tested everything onsite. Money paid and receipt left, a good deal experience with a boy of age around 5.

I saved the cell phone number and found there were calls from it last June and December. I checked the smart card number but it is not in our Shanghai customer database. Probably it was installed by landlord or real estate agency, but nobody keeps the original installer’s contact, they have requested service from us twice, first time for unit reactivation and this time a new remote delivered.

I left the name card. In the afternoon the expiration date will be checked and sent to them as a reminder for future renewal.

Dish was not properly installed, cable hanging around, I’m not sure if the next problem is from the dish. Parents are not at home so I can not talk long to the boy, otherwise I had to spent some time on the dish:  oh my OCD – Obsessive-Compulsive D…

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