Xinjiang Installation

Recently we have two particular requests from Xinjiang, the most remote place of China, to the West. Luckily, we do have BSS signal coverage in Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. One is from Shihezi, the other from Urumqi.

Yes, it’s great that AsiaSat4 covers that far! Check the AsiaSat4 signal map. Next step, use DishPointer to find if your location is fine for dish align to AsiaSat4

Use DishPointer To Judge If It’s OK For DishHD

Google Earch 3D DishPointer

We do not have dish installation technician in Xinjiang. The best way to get DishHD there working is to buy receiver box and subscription only, from Shanghai.

The box of 211T with one year subscription is at RMB4,400,  courier delivery by S.F.Express included. Next year renewal is RMB3,650 for a year.

Together with the box itself, a BSS special dish LNB is included.

Locally, you need to buy a 0.55m ku band dish, and ask a local dish guy to set it up correctly to 122.2E. I noticed that some installers in other cities have never installed dish to this satellite before. The test box or receivers they are using is not to figure out BSS signal.

Please ask them to use this DVB format transponder to locate and lock the satellite AsiaSat4.

12274 V 06000  DVB-S ( )

Prices from 200 to 400 for a new dish and installation are all fare depending on dish quality and workmanship. If you do not speak Chinese and there’s no way you can find  a local dish guy. I can try to help you find one. I personally know nobody there, we have no experiences delivery with those people so there’s no warranty that we have a good one. Occasionally I find people in this installation business dishonest and likely to cheat. Additionally care should be necessary. Anyway, when we make it clear it’s only a dish installation, things could be more simple.

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